Wastewater Spill Prevention/Spill Containment

Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Client Name: City and County of Honolulu, Division of Wastewater Management
Date Completed: 1997
Construction Cost: $3,000,000 (fee)
Disciplines Applied: Water & Wastewater Engineering

Project Description:

To satisfy an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Consent Decree, R. M. Towill Corporation developed and gained EPA approval for a comprehensive Wastewater Spill Prevention / Spill Containment Plan for all City and County of Honolulu wastewater treatment and pumping facilities. RMTC provided additional analysis of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), equipment and spare parts management, and collection system maintenance cycle. The work encompassed all of the City’s 60+ wastewater pump stations (WWPS) as well as eight wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The work included development of standards which featured a number of pioneering engineering solutions:

  • Standardized operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals for pump stations and treatment plants – O&M manuals for 21 WWPS and two WWTP. Included was a new standardized section on spill management.
  • Regional Spill and Bypass Prevention Plan – engineering analysis for each region of the island of Oahu to identify requirements needed to minimize spills. Among the proposals included was an 8 MG storage basin at the Kaneohe WWPTF.
  • Operations Manual for Regional Spill Reponse – operations manual identifying chain of command for spill response and actions to correct and minimize spills.
  • Corrective Action Report and Manual for WC&M Spare Parts, Equipment Management, and Inventory
  • System – recommendations for improvements in this system so that maintenance of WWTP and WWPS facilities are optimized, resulting in reduced risk of spills.
  • Recommendation Report for Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Comput¬erized Inventory/Equipment Management System – overview of current systems and recommendations for improvements in these systems.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Recommendations Report – recommendations for SCADA improvements to mitigate spills.
  • Collection System Maintenance Program – an algorithm to optimize sewer line maintenance and recommendations on correlating system conditions to the frequency of spills.
  • Recommendations Report to Prevent Spills and By-passes.
  • The work was determined to meet the requirements of the Consent Decree and was approved by the EPA in 1997.