Wastewater Planning Study, Joint Agency Wastewater Planning Task Force (JAWTF)

Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Client Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Date Completed: 1997
Construction Cost: $1,600,000 (fee)
Disciplines Applied: Water & Wastewater Engineering

Project Description:

The scope of this project included a review of all Department of Defense (DoD), public and private wastewater related facilities on the Island of Oahu. The purpose was to provide long-range, synergistic solutions to wastewater treatment and disposal. After an initial review of potential synergies of DoD facilities with non-DoD facilities, efforts were concentrated on the co-treatment and/or disposal of wastewater and in Central Oahu between the Army’s Schofield Barracks WWTP and the City and County of Honolulu’s Wahiawa WWTP.

This study evaluated and recommended alternatives for DoD wastewater and sludge treatment and disposal systems for the Island of Oahu. RMTC also determined planning, coordinating, programming, budgeting, and execution processes required to implement the recommended alternatives. Five (5) integrated engineering reports were prepared addressing:

  • Impacts of future needs on military and municipal wastewater systems;
  • Deriving recommended alternatives for wastewater and sludge systems; and
  • Determining the planning, coordinating, programming, budgeting and execution processes needed to implement the recommended alternatives.

A major task for RMTC was to provide technical support and supervise development of project documentation for the Joint Agency Wastewater Planning Task Force (JAWTF). This was a military-civilian task force responsible for developing a comprehensive wastewater plan for Central Oahu.  Issues being addressed by this task force included the feasibility of joint military and municipal wastewater treatment and disposal efforts.