Makena Wastewater Reclamation System, Increment 1

Location: Maui, Hawaii
Client Name: Makena Resort Corporation
Date Completed: 1999
Construction Cost: $15,000,000
Disciplines Applied: Water & Wastewater EngineeringSurveying & Mapping

Project Description:

RMTC performed the facility planning and design for the 0.7 mgd (1.5 mgd ultimate) Makena Wastewater Reclamation System. The wastewater system is designed to replace the package wastewater treatment plant serving the Maui Prince Hotel and provide wastewater handling for future development in the area. Facilities include the collection system (three pump stations and force mains), a new R-1 Water Reclamation Facility (WWRF), and a new effluent reuse system using the existing golf courses and golf course storage system. The liquid treatment facilities in the WWRF consist of aerated activated sludge lagoons, a secondary clarifier, traveling bridge sand filtration, and ultraviolet disinfection system. The solids handling stream includes facultative sludge storage basins which allow for batch processing of sludge and significantly lower O&M costs.

RMTC also provided services to support the Owner’s Public Utility Commission Application by preparing a report describing the facility’s wastewater infrastructure and the associated operating and maintenance costs.