Lanai Utility Company Utility Management

Location: Lanai, Hawaii
Client Name: Lanai Water Company
Date Completed: 2005
Construction Cost: $187,000 (fee)
Disciplines Applied: Water & Wastewater Engineering

Project Description:

At the request of the Castle & Cooke Resorts, LLC, RMTC was asked to provide personnel to manage the Lanai Utility Company which is responsible for the water supply and wastewater systems on the Island of Lanai, population 3,200.  RMTC’s appointed manager served Lanai Utility Company onsite for over a year and engineering support was provided by the RMTC office. Under this contract, RMTC’s manager was responsible for two wastewater treatment plants and six pump stations, and six groundwater wells and water treatment stations.

The water system included both a potable and non-potable system. The non-potable system included brackish water wells and wastewater reuse.
While managing the Lanai Utility Company, RMTC’s manager was involved in all facets of management including planning, initiating and reviewing design projects, managing operation and maintenance and public relations. RMTC’s Principal-in-Charge and Chief Environmental Engineer, Dr. Leighton Lum, provided oversight of these initiatives.

Specific responsibilities of the Manager were to:

  • Prepare capital improvement plans for infrastructure improvement for both water and wastewater companies. Improvements included repair and replacement of well pumps and controls;
  • Perform performance testing;
  • Execute capital improvement projects;
  • Develop and implement Operations and Maintenance Manual;
  • Conduct community meetings; and
  • Participate in the water advisory committee for the island.