Waikoloa Highlands Subdivision Master Plan

Location: Hawaii, Hawaii
Client Name: Vitoil, Inc
Date Completed: 2007
Construction Cost: $44,800,000
Disciplines Applied: Planning & PermittingCivil Engineering

Project Description:

For this 398-lot subdivision on 744 acres near Waikoloa Village in South Kohala, Hawaii, RMTC created a master plan and designed internal roadways, including improvements to County roadways, other site improvements for the project, including an internal spine road and two access points off Waikoloa Road. On-site drainage improvements consist of thirty-five drywells, detention basins, natural drainage channels, water system and roadway culverts. RMTC prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Master Plan. RMTC planners also prepared a State Land Use District Boundary Amendment Application to change the designation from agriculture to rural and provided expert witness testimony to support the project. Planning coordinators managed the inputs of all subconsultants for the EIS and boundary amendment processes.