Kokee and Waimea Canyon State Parks Comprehensive Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

Location: Kauai, Hawaii
Client Name: State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources
Date Completed: 2009
Construction Cost: $425,000
Disciplines Applied: Planning & Permitting

Project Description:

RMTC prepared the 2020 Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for the Kokee and Waimea Canyon State Parks on Kauai. The two parks possess extraordinary natural and cultural resources, and are thus prized as “flagship” parks of the Hawaii State Park System.

Kokee and Waimea Canyon State Parks are under the jurisdiction of the Division of State Parks of the Department of Land and Natural Resources. The parks occupy 6,211 acres of land on the west side of the island of Kauai. They are used extensively by hikers, sightseers, campers, hunters, fisherman, and naturalists who are drawn to the rich natural environment and spectacular scenic resources. In addition, the parks are home to part-time tenants who occupy long-term recreational lease cabins.

The master planning process involved an assessment of the natural, cultural, historic, scenic, and recreational resources in terms of their condition, use limits, and opportunities for protection, management, development, restoration, and interpretation. Analysis also included an assessment of infrastructure and utility needs and revenue generation opportunities to support existing and proposed program improvements.

RMTC planners conducted a community outreach and educational initiative that included:

  • Open-house sessions for community leaders;
  • Public information meetings;
  • Interviews with key interest groups and park stakeholders;
  • Planning task force meetings and presentations.

Planning continued with input from the community, area businesses, park users groups, and government agencies.