Installation of Field Turf at Aloha Stadium

Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Client Name: State of Hawaii, Hawaii Tourism Authority
Date Completed: 2003
Construction Cost: $1,200,000
Disciplines Applied: Construction Management

Project Description:

RMTC performed Construction Management (CM) services for the installation of artificial field turf at the Aloha Stadium. The grass-green material was installed for use as a football, soccer, and multi-purpose playing surface within the stadium.  This design-build project was not as physically large or technically complex as other CM projects completed by RMTC, but it proved to be both high-profile in the community and complex due to time constraints and multiple stakeholders.

Construction work included regrading and repaving the project area and installation of a new drainage system and the artificial turf product. As construction manager, RMTC insured contractor compliance with construction plans and specifications and performed construction inspections. Financial and administrative management of the project for the owner included analysis and verification of payments and change order requests.

RMTC successfully mediated a complex arrangement between stakeholders with varying interests and actively moderated differences in expectations. By facilitating constant communication among the parties and expeditious action to prevent delays, RMTC ensured the project was completed on time and within budget.

RMTC protected the State’s interest on other levels such as expediting the project and retrofitting the field turf product to address local weather conditions. The project included working with the Canadian contractor and designer, local contractor and designer, the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Aloha Stadium Board of Directors, the National Football League, and the Office of the Governor.