Hart Street Wastewater Pump Station Force Main Replacement (Through Honolulu Harbor)

Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Client Name: City and County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction
Date Completed: 2002
Construction Cost: $20,300,000
Disciplines Applied: Construction Management

Project Description:

Honolulu Harbor is the main port of entry for the State of Hawaii. Nearly 70 percent of all goods enter the State through this busy port. The Hart Street Wastewater Pump Station (WWPS) and force main are over 50 years old and are undersized for the projected growth of Honolulu. The force mains terminate at Pier 52 of Honolulu Harbor. Matson Navigation Company (Matson) operates Pier 52 and voiced concern about the impact of the construction of the force main replacement on its cargo loading and unloading operations.

As construction manager for the WWPS and force mains, RMTC assumed the lead role in coordinating the construction work activities and Matson's operational requirements. All work had to be completed on Pier 52 by the end of the month of October, because activity in the harbor increases significantly from November to January. During this period, no construction activity was allowed on Pier 52. RMTC construction managers worked closely with the contractor and Matson Navigation Company to expedite the work, resolve all contractual issues, and remove any roadblocks to the scheduled completion date.

Arrangements were made to allow the construction contractor to work around the clock when there were no ships in port. RMTC conducted weekly coordination meetings involving all affected parties to discuss and resolve every detail of the construction activity. Project stakeholders included not only Matson, but also the Longshoremen's Union, the contractor, the owner, and the State of Hawaii.