Air Conditioning Modification Phase 2, Diamond Head Chiller Plant and Common Chilled Water Loop, Honolulu International Airport

Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Client Name: State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Airports Division
Date Completed: 2010
Construction Cost: $24,400,000
Disciplines Applied: Construction Management

Project Description:

RMTC provided construction management services for the construction of two related air conditioning upgrade projects at the Honolulu International Airport. The projects involved the construction and installation of a new Diamond Head Chiller Plant and Common Chilled Water Loop.

The construction on the new chiller plant includes the demolition of existing building spaces to make room for the construction of the new electrical and mechanical rooms to house the new electrical feeders, main switchgear, substation, new chiller units, condenser pumps, chilled water pumps, air water separator, expansion tank, chemical pot feeder, and chemical treatment tank. Also included is the installation of six new cooling towers and associated chilled water supply and return piping.

The Common Chilled Water Loop project involves the installation of twin 18-inch diameter insulated chilled water piping from the Diamond Head Chiller Plant to the existing Ewa Chiller Plant, with stub outs for provisions to connect to the Central Concourse Chiller Plant. The total length of the twin 18-inch diameter chilled water pipe is in excess of 5,000 lineal feet.

The two projects are part of an air conditioning system that connects all three chillers (Diamond Head, Central, and Ewa) via a common chilled water loop. With the completion of the project, the State now has the flexibility to provide air conditioning to each of the airport five major areas (Diamond Head Concourse, Central Concourse, Main Terminal Complex, Ewa Concourse and Inter-Island Terminal) with via feeds from multiple chiller plants, depending on the demand.