Medical/Dental Clinic Replacement, Andersen Air Force Base

Location: Territory of Guam
Client Name: U.S. Navy
Date Completed: 2003
Construction Cost: $4,000,000
Disciplines Applied: Civil Engineering, Surveying & Mapping

Project Description:

RMTC performed surveying and civil engineering services for the construction of this state-of-the-art Medical/Dental Clinic at Anderson Air Force Base, Territory of Guam. The new facility was designed to improve healthcare efficiency and meet current code and criteria requirements.  The civil scope involved design of water, storm drain, parking, force protection and grading.

This project was phased in order to keep the existing facility in service during construction. The three primary phases required were: construction of parking lots east and west of the existing facilities; demolition of the existing parking lot and construction of the Clinic Replacement; and demolition of the existing Clinic Building.

The civil engineering construction went very smoothly. Change order cost for civil engineering was $0.

Other work by RMTC included civil design for Aerospace Medicine Building and Logistics Warehouse, which are to remain in order to accommodate changes made necessary by the new design. Quality Control was performed on all work products.