U.S. Army Master Plans, Area I

Location: Republic of Korea
Client Name: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Date Completed: 1989
Construction Cost: $1,800,000
Disciplines Applied: Surveying & Mapping, Civil EngineeringPlanning & Permitting

Project Description:

RMTC provided all aerial photography, photo control surveys, ground topographic surveys and field verification surveys to support long-range development plans for 49 U.S. Army installations in “Area 1” of the Republic of Korea . RMTC survey crews established a minimum of two survey monuments at each of the 49 installations.

Basic Information and Combined Utilities Maps for the Army Installations required:

  • Ground topographic surveys for the 15 installations which were either too small to be covered by aerial photography or were located too close or within the "no-fly zone" within the Demilitarized Zone;
  • Compilation of photogrammetric maps; and
  • Field-verification of existing utility and facility locations for maps at a scale of 1”=50' with two-foot contours.

RMTC also completed General Site Maps with 5-foot contours which contained detailed overlays for tree cover, transportation facilities, sanitary sewer, water, electric, fuel/gas, street lighting, telecommunication, heating and cooling, and storm drainage facilities.