Statewide Airport Asbestos Abatement Study

Location: Statewide, Hawaii
Client Name: State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Airports Division
Date Completed: 2003
Construction Cost: $2,000,000 (fee)
Disciplines Applied: Surveying & MappingWater & Wastewater Engineering

Project Description:

RMTC was contracted to assist the Airports Division with comprehensive asbestos-related tasks at all 17 DOT airports throughout the State. The bulk of effort has centered on Honolulu International Airport. The entire facility has been surveyed and inspected, and a GIS database has been developed to map asbestos containing materials in relation to historical and current inspection data. RMTC and the subconsultant support team have assisted DOT with a wide range of asbestos-related services under this contract, including: abatement planning, monitoring and supervision; emergency response; risk assessment; management planning; and operations and maintenance training for airport staff.

In areas such as the Central Concourse and Governors Lounge, Overseas Terminal and the International Arrivals Building, RMTC responded a DOT request to sample suspected asbestos containing materials. RMTC prepared project documents that allowed the planned or ongoing projects in the Central Concourse and Governor's Lounge to continue or to protect the safety of the workers in the International Arrivals Building. Each response required consultation with key stakeholders (e.g. airlines, operations staff, FAA staff, and airport personnel), data collection, preparation of alternatives, preparation of cost estimates, and creation of a plans and specifications, operational procedures or development program.