Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) West Land Acquisition RFP Preparation, Aerial Topographic Survey and Metes and Bounds Survey

Location: Hawaii, Hawaii
Client Name: U.S Army Corp of Engineers
Date Completed: 2008
Construction Cost: $1,200,000 (fee)
Disciplines Applied: Surveying & Mapping

Project Description:

RMTC performed an aerial topographic survey and boundary survey for the 23,978-acre parcel known as “Keamuku” and a 1,010-acre area called “1010” at Pohakuloa Training Area. Information from the aerial topographic survey and geotechnical/soils report were used to prepare technical requirements for design-build Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitation documents, outlining construction requirements for the FY05 MCA PN 57411 West PTA Land Acquisition, Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA). The aerial topographic survey was made available to RFP Offerors and the successful bidder.

RMTC provided the following services:

  • ORTHOPHOTOGRAPHY – An aerial photographic mission was performed to obtain vertical color photographs of the Keamuku area (23,978 acres) and the 1010 parcel.   Approximately 100 photo control targets were set using GPS to obtain the coordinates.
  • AERIAL TOPOGRAPHIC MAPPING – Topographic mapping was prepared for a strip of land approximately 42 miles in length within the Keamuku area. The final topographic maps were prepared at a scale of 1:1000, with one-half meter contours.
  • METADATA AND GEOSPATIAL STANDARDS REQUIREMENTS & PREPARATION – Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)-compliant metadata was provided for all geospatial data collected, used, or prepared. This included CADD files, shapefiles, Digital Terrain Models, Triangulated Irregular Networks, and orthophotos.
  • PROVIDED DIGITIZED MAPPING WITH LEGAL METES AND BOUNDS DESCRIPTION OF THE 23,978-ACRE PARCEL – RMTC prepared a composite land boundary map with the legal metes and bounds description at a Scale: 1” = 500 feet and overall acquisition maps at the Scales: 1”= 1,000 feet and 1” = 2,000 feet. The 23,000-acre parcel is bounded by Waikoloa Land Company, Parker Ranch, and the State of Hawaii.