GIS Database of Biological Resources on U.S. Installations

Location: Territory of Guam
Client Name: U.S. Navy
Date Completed: 1999
Construction Cost: $199,000 (fee)
Disciplines Applied: Surveying & Mapping

Project Description:

RMTC created a GIS database of the biological resources of seven U.S. Naval installations on Guam. The final ArcView GIS project file included digital links to a variety of document formats. The Guam Geodetic Datum of 1945 was used as the coordinate system. Imported and new GIS mapping conformed to the latest version of the Tri-Service Spatial Data Standards.

RMTC's work to create the GIS database included:

  • coordination and research
  • development of ArcView GIS format and software integration
  • digitizing and fitting delineation of features
  • scanning hardcopy maps and photos
  • conversion of maps to coordinate systems
  • development of GIS links, fields, database, and base maps
  • preparation of metadata files

RMTC was also responsible for developing GIS user manuals and training U.S. Navy users to use the newly-developed GIS database of biological resources.