Palau Compact Road

Location: Island of Babeldaob, Republic of Palau
Client Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Date Completed: 2007
Construction Cost: $130,000,000 (Package D only)
Disciplines Applied: Civil Engineering, Surveying & Mapping

Project Description:

The Palau Compact Road is a new 85-km long, two-lane, two-way rural collector roadway on the Island of Babeldaob, Republic of Palau. This international effort involved close coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Republic of Palau. The conditions on Babeldaob are considered adverse in terms of terrain, rainfall, soil moisture, clayey soils, and coastal environment. The project budget required that the road have a context-sensitive design around valleys, cliffs, swamps and coastal areas to minimize earthwork. Archaeological and other sensitive areas, such as existing farms and dwellings, also needed to be considered in the design.

The structural design included many culvert and bridge crossings over mountainous drainageways of various sizes. RMTC successfully completed the layout of the proposed marine causeway. Work included the preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates, participation in partnering and design review sessions, and engineering services during construction.

RMTC received an ACASS rating of “Excellent” and a letter of Commendation for performance, quality and adherence to a tight time schedule, completing the project before the end of the USACE fiscal year.